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Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

This is the foundation! Here we will define the:


  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Personality

  • Target Market + Message


Of your business. We will create a framework
that will directly point to your brand design.

We will create a comprehensive visual representation of your brand. Drawn from
a strong strategy that resonates with your
target audience. Some Brand Identity
examples include: 

  • Logo design(s)

  • Font selection/typography

  • Color selection (informed by color psychology)

  • Imagery (i.e., photography)

  • Illustrations (e.g., patterns)


Did we miss anything? As you navigate the entrepreneurial 
space you will inevitably have
some questions. We are here
to help! Book a consultation
session with us to clarify
the details. 

At Thimble Media We live and breath Brand Strategy, and Identity 
If you've reached this point,  you must have taken a look at our
portfolio and determined you want to work with us.

Fantastic !


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